Scalability, Flexibility and Security for Data Center and Cloud Infrastructures

…or how Software-Defined Anything and Cloud Computing pave the Way in Future

The next DC Day will be at the
15th of September 2016 in Berne

Network Infrastructures must become agile, dynamic and flexible. Data Center Virtualization and the next wave of the Cloud will demand what Software defined Networking has to offer. Learn how to align your Infrastructure with Business pace and Needs.

The data center is the center of the current evolution in the way IT is being delivered and is central to any organization’s operations. But the data center is also a complex environment of physical and virtual systems, integrated and optimized to deliver timely, secure, and trusted information throughout your organization.

We will provide you one full day with 4 till 5 parallel session where you can select the one’s which are of interest for you. In the off time you can visit the exhibitors of your interest.

If you would like to be informed about further invitations, please send us an email and we are pleased to keep you up to date.


Gain an overview of this platform: Here you will find the
information from the DC Day in 2015


We will explore the latest trends and technologies in the data center space

That’s the reason why the DC Day is specifically designed for data center, infrastructure and security professionals who are looking to adapt technologies which meet the requirements from today, ranging from virtual infrastructure to all flavors of cloud platforms and the related security challenges. At this event you will learn more about the flexibility which a software defined data center will enable in future.




Event Partner


Ivan Pepelnjak is part of the organization committéé.


  • How will the continuous evolution of virtualization influence data centers?

  • What means software defined data center and what are the impacts?

  • What means the rise in Cyber Crime and how does it change the way you deploy your services in future?

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