The Future of Cloud and Data Center:
Next-Gen Infrastructure and Cloud Security

…or how Software-Defined Anything and Cloud Computing pave the Way in Future

The next DC Day will be at the
16th of May 2017 in Zurich

On this page you can find the information from the previous years. Actual information for 2017 please click here

For most of the enterprises and service providers, cloud computing is the dominant model for technology innovation and business disruption. Enterprise IT organizations are rapidly trying to define how cloud computing can bring agility to their businesses, but they are challenged with legacy application portfolios, new security models and compliance complexities and regulations. The way how to deploy private, public or hybrid cloud for existing and cloud native applications will have direct impact on their business successes or failures.

Realizing Cloud’s Potential: Opportunities and Challenges!
The DC Day will help attendees think about the potential of cloud, select the right cloud architectures and services, and will provide ideas and solutions for this new initiatives.

We will provide you one full day with 4 till 5 parallel session where you can select the one’s which are of interest for you. In the off time you can visit the exhibitors of your interest.

If you would like to be informed about further invitations, please send us an email and we are pleased to keep you up to date.


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information from the DC Day in 2016

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