DIGS Special Event – NSX & Microsegmentation and what we really know about


Target Audience Data Center and Infrastructure Professionals
Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Head of IT, Head of Data Center, Data Center Manager, Head of Infrastructure, Network & Security Engineers, IT und IT Security Architects etc.

Vendors and peoples from the Sales/Marketing part are not allowed to take part.

CPE Credits Earn 4 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) for attending. Please request a confirmation.
Location Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel
Hohenbuehlstrasse 10
8152 Opfikon-Glattbrugg

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Train: railway station Zurich Airport – take the Hotel Shuttle

Date of Event 7th of June 2016
Language English
Participation Costs Fr. 55.– per participant
Organization, presentations, beverages and aperitif included



1:30 – 2:00 Registration & Coffee
2:00 – 2:30 Welcome & Introduction by Ivan Pepelnjak

Microsegmentation: a new security paradigm
For the last 30 years we built our data centers with VLANs separated by centralized firewalls which often became mission-critical impossible-to-manage central chokepoints.

Now imagine you could replace that 20th century paradigm with nimble filters in front of every host or virtual machine in your data center, and maybe even get rid of VLANs. Welcome to the wonderful new world of microsegmentation (at least according to vendor promises).

They keynote will take a cautious approach to this novel idea, start with the human- and process challenges microsegmentation brings, explain its benefits and shortcomings, and mention a few potential use cases.

2:30 – 3:30 Mitja Robas, Senior IT Architect at NIL

Implementing NSX – real-life journey from idea to practice
Data Center infrastructure should allow IT administrators and operations teams to meet their management and support nirvana by vaporizing the spells and curses related to the environment. SDDC is a platform that promises catching that unicorn by enabling true flexible and scalable infrastructure. VMware NSX with its SDN and NFV personality backed by proper infrastructure, virtualization and automation plays a key role in rolling out SDDC solution.

The presentation will discuss lessons learned and path along with obstacles of getting from an idea to a working VMware NSX SDN/NFV solution based on a real-life example with tools and components used along that journey.

3:00 – 3:15 Break

3:15 – 3:30 Mitja Robas, Senior IT Architect at NIL

Continue with Live Demo: Implementing NSX – Real-Life Journey from Idea to Practice

3:30 – 4:15 recretix Systems AG, Stefan Peter, member of the board

Microsegmentation with SDN – A Practical Approach
Most networks today are still built with perimeter networks, usually heavily guarded by the latest firewalls. But every threat that gets past those, is free to move within the breached perimeter.

Threats evolve and focus on lateral movement, so it’s time to evolve the security concepts as well. Microsegmentation gives you the possibility to build a network of honeycombs for your datacenter infrastructure and to control east-west traffic.
The presentation will give a practical approach how to do microsegmentation, that contains examples of concepts to automatize and simplify thread response as well as increase control of firewall rules by sticking them to the machine and not to the perimeter. After a brief demo, we’ll discuss the pitfalls and learnings from our latest SDN implementation.

4:15 – 4:45 Thomas Wacker, Director Secure Network Connectivity at UBS AG

Reducing Complexity of Enterprise Data Center Networks
Compute facilities and data center networks are under tremendous pressures in any knowledge based business today. We are to deliver the most flexible, secure and cost effective networks possible and push performance and operational stability to completely new levels at the same time.

This talk will explore the drivers and opportunities behind the latest major data center network rebuild at UBS, lay out the high-level architecture and focus on automation both of the build and operations of the new network. It will show how far we’ve taken (micro-) segmentation, and what the next steps will be, and how this all changes how we think of networks.

5:15 – 6:00 Christof Jungo, Security Architect, SecIntel GmbH (formerly at Swisscom AG)

Securing the SDN Network
Internet Service Providers (ISP) deploy and operate an array of diverse and fast changing technologies to provide cutting edge solutions to their private and business customers. Thereby they rely on a complex chain of suppliers for hardware and software. Typically the choice of security supplier is limited, for example for high performance networking using virtualization.

Recent revelations brought the integrity of such equipment to the attention of the public, as it has been demonstrated that hardware and software components can be compromised and backdoored with or without the consent or knowledge of the supplier or vendor.

The security and integrity of software defined networks is a concern with the dependence on third party components for critical functionality. While we cannot prevent the potential compromise of components in the supply chain, we can test the integrity and functionality of devices upon delivery or in operation.

In Swisscoms cloud initiative, security is a major topic. Leveraging SDN technologies for security beyond micro segmentation to protect the cloud infrastructure under the premise of high speed networking and virtualization is quite a challenge. They create a framework to systematically test the speed, integrity and security of critical infrastructure components. The purpose of this setup is the systematic and continuous testing of the integrity of components critical to the business.

In this talk I present results (by June 2015) of the initiatives and challenges in security and integrity of SDN with focus cloud services and critical infrastructure and also speak about joint developments with different vendors.

6:00 – open end Apéro Riche & Networking
The speakers will be onsite for Q&A



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Ivan Pepelnjak ist Mitglied des Organisations-Komitees des DC Days und Advisor der Data Center Interest Group Switzerland.

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